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Our fertility clinic offers all levels of fertility services from the basic evaluation and diagnosis to the most advanced reproductive technologies. However; we offer our services in very unique and different ways.

One of his goals for the Middle East Center Fertility Clinic is to create an environment where couples can receive highly personalized care without the "regimentation" that is sometimes seen in large medical facilities. Dr. Abou Abdallah has years of fertility clinical and research experience working with infertile couples. We see many couples who were unsuccessful at other fertility programs. These couples invariably complement us on the high degree of individualized care we offer.

Our infertility staff strongly believes that infertile couples deserve individualized care. Dr. Abou Abdallah demonstrates this by personally seeing his patients at each office visit and by conducting procedures such as routine ultrasound scans. Coupled with this commitment to superior personal care is the highest quality of medical expertise and technology available. Dr. Abou Abdallah always recommends the fertility therapy most likely to result in success while considering factors, such as cost.

Ideally, all couples with suspected infertility would visit an infertility clinic and see a fertility specialist early in the course of their treatment. When these patients come to use, we make a rapid diagnosis, prescribe effective treatments, and the overall cost to achieve pregnancy is usually less.

Many couples who have tried other practitioners often seek our help. We see patients after they have failed first line therapies or have not been successful at other fertility clinics. Many times these patients require more advanced technologies such as in vitro fertilization, ICSI, donor egg, etc. Even though we treat difficult cases, our success rates rival those of other infertility clinics.

Couples coming to our infertility clinic are often surprised to learn that advanced technologies are not always the treatment of first choice. Most couples at our  fertility clinic will become pregnant with techniques such as intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Many patients with difficult to treat conditions consult Dr. Abou Abdallah because of his reputation and experience. He does not automatically exclude difficult to treat patients from the assisted reproductive technology program; rather, he counsels each couple on the best treatment options. Even though he treats "poor responders", the Middle East Center for Infertility and IVF's success rates are significantly higher than the national averages. 

Our fertility clinic also features complete andrology, endocrinology, and embryology laboratory facilities.

Additionally, our  fertility clinic, has a full service, accredited, on site operating suite where we perform our transfers and retrievals and a state of the art recovery area. 

Our Web site contains detailed descriptions of each service we offer along with discussions of the various conditions that cause infertility, treatments, medications, and many other topics. Please call if you have more questions.



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